Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you

We call it love...

That sentence is the essence of our brand.

Who we are?

We are three women, three sisters, three mothers and three wives. That is why “WE” is the logo of our brand.


I came to Denmark with the intention of staying for a maximum of half a year, as part of my work-and-travel project. After my education at University (Philosophy – Social Communication) I had a huge need for traveling. So I did it! But I did not expect to find my husband here, in Denmark. I said “ok, let’s stop, let’s stay here, let’s enjoy this place for a bit longer and let’s try to build a HOME – a place with people you love”. But something did not stop – the desire to create something new. It was not an easy road. There were many bumps ahead and pretty deep holes. But this road sure did make me stronger. After a long time of trying to get pregnant, we finally found joy in a little bundle of joy. And shortly the joy repeated itself! It was an amazing surprise but at the same time we had also started up “We are kids” – and THAT was a pretty big challenge. You think two kids in two years is a lot to handle? Well if you add a third kid – the start-up brand – yeah it was crazy. But we’ve learned to juggle and, over time, seamlessly connect everything.


I definitely always thought I was able to do almost everything. My economic education was not something I wanted to pursue as a career. My big passion was cosmetology so I did several courses to develop my skills and be the best at it. But, because I loved doing cosmetology, it took me much longer to find out that the time for being dedicated to do it, had already passed. It was time to search for something new. When my son was 8 years old, I came to a time in my life where the only way I could find happiness, was a total change. So I followed my sister here, in Denmark, and since then all the pieces of the puzzle just seemed to fall into place.. Here I met the love of my life and an amazing father for my son. Here I found peace and happiness. It wasn’t all a total “happily ever after”. We lost our first daughter. It was painful and it took everything from us to get back on our feet. It cost me plenty of energy to find a cure to that loss, something that could heal my soul. That cure, I found, was designing and creating things. Things with which I can give new life to surroundings and make the world a bit more beautiful. Right then I realized, I needed to create in order to express myself. Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit.


I am a mother of two wonderful daughters. And the time spent with them was the most beautiful and difficult moment in my life. I have often torn myself apart - wanting to be with them all the time and wanting to leave home, go back to work, do something out of the ordinary, and get out of my routine. I tried to look for an idea for myself again. I have always been closer to the art world than charts and graphs. Therefore, I tried my hand at sewing for my children, created decorations, and started baking cakes. I believe that it is easier to go through life when you have support from loved ones and family. And although fate sometimes takes us to different parts of the world, nowadays distance is not a problem anymore. It is so with us - sisters. We can always count on ourselves, on support, and on standing upright, if the situation requires it. Each of us is different, each of us is distinguished by something, but what we have in common is love for children, family ties, the beauty of creating for others, and making them smile and enjoy it. Therefore, the time has come for a new chapter, joining the sisters and creating a family brand in which I can combine my business experience with an artistic passion for creation.


We all came a long way to be where we are right now. Not geographically but mentally. Leaving to go abroad is exciting, mind opening, but it might also be scary. You need to deal with missing parts of your identity from back home. You miss your family, your friends, your favourite cuisine, well known views, the language you were brought up with – every word and intention of sentences; the feeling of being an integral part of your community, part of a nation. It costs a lot of energy and motivation to try and feel similar in the country you decided to move to. It is not impossible, it is just more difficult. It teaches you to be patient, humble, tolerant, watchful and gives you an opportunity to focus on your own energy. But we had each other. And from time to time also other family and friends around. Everyone supports us and everyone believes in our brand. All this was not something we planned. But now we can say, it was something that was meant to be.

Summer of 2018

The beginning of our project started with handmade turbans and headbands for kids. It was something that Gosia – the creative part of our team – was sewing for our 1 year old daughters. Back then, it wasn’t for sale. We were inspired by Heidi, who is an owner of a lovely shop with children’s products in Odense. She actually pushed us to display our turbans in her shop. It was an unexpected success! We reacted right away, with a start-up brand marketing, web shop and promotion. We knew then, that was just the beginning.  This year was also exciting for us, because we were moms of two amazing 1 years old girls. They gave us such a joyful and positive energy to work. Most of our products and ideas came from them – we created products we actually believed in, because we as mothers could observe for ourselves,  what was useful and what was not.

Spring of 2019

Privately a very important time, because our youngest daughters were born – yes, 3 months apart, we were both celebrating that our families got bigger. During that time we were working on this project – “We are kids” – together with our kids, sometimes even holding them in our arms at the same time. We had been working on a brand which would be honest, truthful, beautiful, loyal to nature and focused on what we really believed in – love.

Here we are

2,5 years later we finally know what direction we want to aim our platform in. We transformed our products from being only for kids, into products for the whole family. 2,5 years later we have hands full of work and hearts full of love – we both have 3,5 and 1,5 years old kids each (plus one teenager on board 😊). Besides that we have two heads full of new ideas. And there is just one condition we will never waiver – to compromise the great quality in our products, we have worked so hard to create.
And we know that our ideas for new products will grow together with our kids. That is why we can honestly say, it is just the beginning of an exciting road! So let’s begin!

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